Tracking says my package was delivered, but it isn't here (United States)

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This is a problem that usually resolves itself. First things first, please be sure you have checked any likely places the carrier would have left the package: front door, back door, mailbox, or even with a neighbor. 

Once you have a tracking email, then you have access to the same information we do about the location of your package. After a package has left our facility, there is no additional information we would be able to supply beyond what you can see from tracking.

That said, it is VERY COMMON that USPS tracking shows a package has arrived based on an estimated arrival time, and the package arrives a day or two later. This may be because the package was scanned in advance at your local post office or during the process of loading it onto the truck rather than at your address. 

We suggest waiting a couple of days before getting in touch.

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