What is GetBullish?

GetBullish is a community of career-focused feminists. It's a place to talk about the intersection of social justice and the workplace. It's also a celebration of gentlewomanly living, enjoying your work, starting side hustles, using real action and building hard skills instead of woo and "manifesting," and creatively designing your career and lifestyle. 

GetBullish is also an online shop that sells ironic feminist gifts and lifestyle goods (mostly socks and pencils with swear words on them), as well as webinars and digital products.

We're also in the 5th year of our annual conference!

GetBullish began in 2010 as an advice column written by Jennifer Dziura. Jennifer still writes Q&A posts on the blog and speaks about career topics at conferences, colleges, and companies nationwide.

And in 2016, we launched our membership siteThe Bullish Society (as well as a few minicourses in Bullish School).

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