How do Bullish Society chats work?

We regularly hold online chats in The Bullish Society, sometimes featuring our Accountability Coach in residence – these are text-only chats that take place inside the chat feature of The Bullish Society. 

At this time, you can only participate in the chat via the desktop version of The Bullish Society (not on mobile). 

These chats are always free. You can RSVP inside the Bullish Society, and you join simply by logging in to The Bullish Society on desktop and clicking the chat icon.

We also hold webinars, which are a product we offer through our store and often provide free for Bullish Society members. These are live video meetings/classes. Webinars take place through our webinar software provider – access details are provided to all registrants on the day of the webinar. To register for a webinar, you check out through our store or use the info provided inside the Bullish Society.

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