How do Merit Badges work?

Our Merit Badges are perfect for #adulting and basically earning your grownup points. If we could have a ceremony with prosecco and confetti, we totally would, BUT a snail-mailed badge and our online praise will have to do. 

Once you purchase the badge, you will immediately receive a downloadable form that provides the instructions for earning your badge. This worksheet will guide you through the a series of mini challenges that will take anywhere from a week to a month to complete. This can be as strict or as vague as you like – do the parts that are applicable to your life and your goals. Some of us love rules and others will view the worksheet as more of a... guideline. Answer the questions and check off the tasks as you crush them. 

As you complete the tasks, keep track of your ultimate goal. Some of the tasks may feel small, but these checklists are specifically designed to get you to your #goals. 

Once you've finished the tasks, you'll need to fill out the online form that can be found on the last page of the checklist. This is how we know you've killed the challenge and are ready to receive our praise and your very own merit badge. The badges are real, physical badges you get in the mail (international shipping is no problem). Since you probably don't want to sew them onto a sash or jean jacket, our badges are actually buttons you can pin to anything. Like an #adulting sash.

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