Who is The Bullish Conference for?

This is a conference intended for career-focused feminists and geared towards women and nonbinary folks. While most attendees are in their twenties and thirties, we always have a few attendees of more esteemed ages. We are an explicitly LGBT-friendly organization. We have also had international attendees from the UK, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Haiti and more! 

Attendees include people from many professions – tech people, crafters, academics, lawyers, writers, freelancers, business owners, artists, librarians, and many more. Fun fact: 51% of the Bullish audience has a graduate degree! Most of our attendees are employees, some are entrepreneurs, and many are interested in side hustles or multiple income streams.

If you're looking for a feminist career conference that's about making your own life better while making work – and the world – better for everyone, join us!

Learn more at  BullishConference.com

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