Where's my package? (United States)

Thanks for ordering from GetBullish!

When your order ships from our facility, you should receive a tracking email. Normal fulfillment time is 1-2 business days.

If a few days have passed since you placed your order and you haven't received a tracking email, check your spam folder, and then get in touch with us and we can re-send it.

If you already have a tracking email, then you have access to the same information we do about the location of your package. 

Please note that, due to volume, we do not personally take packages to the post office where they are scanned on the spot. Rather, we get truck pickups daily M-F, and the packages are scanned once they get to the postal hub in Queens, NY, so you may see a delay between when we printed the label and when USPS scans it in. This doesn't mean your package is arriving more slowly, just that the first scan happened a bit later in the package's journey.

Note that with First Class packages (most of our smaller/lighter items), tracking is sometimes a bit behind – customers occasionally receive their packages before the tracking even shows that the package is in their town.

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