Where's my package? (International)

Thanks for ordering from GetBullish!

When your order ships from our facility, you should receive a tracking email. Normal fulfillment time is 1-3 days.

If a few days have passed since you placed your order and you haven't received a tracking email, check your spam folder, and then get in touch with us and we can re-send it.

If you already have a tracking email, then you have access to the same information we do about the location of your package. There is no additional information we would be able to supply beyond what you can see from tracking. Please note that international shipping can take 1-2 weeks for Priority International and 3-6 weeks for Economy International.

Delays are sometimes caused by factors outside our control. For instance, any time we send a package to a foreign country there is a chance that that country could select the package for random customs inspection, which can create a delay. 

It is also common that your nation's postal service will hold your package at the post office, requiring you to pay a duty (customs tax) in order to receive it.

For countries other than Canada and the UK, you may wish to simply google "how long package from US to [country]" to get an idea of how long packages usually take.

In the UK, your USPS tracking number will be transferred to the Royal Mail when the package arrives in your country, so checking Royal Mail's tracking page may provide more specific information.

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