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Get Bullish began as a column for women about careers, entrepreneurship and money. It's since grown into a community of bullicorns (The Bullish Society), an online retail store (with badass feminist products) and an annual conference

You can begin by checking out the articles written by founder Jennifer Dziura. You'll find advice on navigating through life – everything from financials to fitness to relationships and dealing with bosses. 

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Our online store features feminist products, gifts, office essentials, and online education and downloads. You'll find new products added weekly along with webinars, e-books and lots of badass socks. 

Then check out our online community. The Bullish Society is a supportive network of career minded feminists #slaying. You can crowdsource your questions to help you meet goals, take advantage of our experts-in-residence who will guide you through two-week challenges to boost your career and join us for online events to get live feedback and daily support. The Bullish Society is the place for anyone, anywhere in the world who is ready to get bullish about her career and life. (Plus there are some amazing perks and discounts, if we do say so ourselves) Check it out here

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The Bullish Conference is our annual gathering of ambitious, career-minded feminists who want to make work – and the world – better. We've held our annual conference in Miami, Palm Springs, NYC, and Washington, DC. Who knows where we'll gather next.Topics include:

  • goal setting 
  • managing for new managers 
  • using tech to automate parts of your job (and life!)
  • sexism in the workplace
  • personal development
  • starting a #sidehustle

As one of our #BullCon attendees put it:  

"I expected great workshops. I did not expect the life-giving, collaborative conversations that organically happened throughout the conference - over meals, at the bar, at the pool. I now have solid, meaningful connections with incredible women - after only three days! For an introvert, that's f*cking amazing. I'm not the kind of person that likes conferences. They're typically stuffed with vendors and you meet a lot of people you never speak with again. BullCon16 was the complete opposite of that. It was authentic, meaningful, intimate, empowering." -Heather

Welcome to Get Bullish! 

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